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27 October, 2012

Guest Post: Organizing Ideas for Small Households

Editor's Note: The following article is being presented here because of the numbers of our readers who live in travel trailers, RVs, and small cabins/houses/apartments and for whom space is always at a premium.  Enjoy!

In case you live in a small, one-story house or a tiny duplex apartment with just one closet, a pantry and a couple of cabinets, you need to be really smart in terms of finding storage solutions for your personal possessions. Especially if you are a bit of a hoarder. Be sure that piling stuff behind doors, in bins, etc., will not solve the problem. You might think you are doing your best in order to hide them, but they eventually reappear over and over again. Also, you need to do some serious thinking if you don’t own the place and don't wish to buy plenty of high-prized organizational tools you would not be able to take with you once you move. Fortunately, there are some smart and easy tips that can be used in order to make your dwelling feel more spacious and comfortable.

Closet Spaces

1. DIY Shelves

If your closet only has one or two shelves (or even worse – none at all), try installing some yourself. Not only will this provide you with way more space, but it also makes things easier to put in order. After all, four or five shelves can store plenty more clothes than just one hanger.

2. Over-the-Door Shoe Racks 

Shoes are really difficult to keep in order. They tend to get scattered so easily. A shoe rack is a smart way of keeping everything neat and using the full capacity of your closet space. Also, these kinds of racks allow to be used for the purpose of storing many more things than just shoes. For example, you can use the first row for scarves, the second one for hats, third for flip flops, fourth for shoes and so on.

3. Store Under the Bed

In case you cannot fit everything in the closet, look for even more alternatives. A good solution is to use the closet for seasonal items and to keep the ones you are not currently using under the bed. Of course, you can't simply throw them there. Rather store them in the suitcases you already have and tuck them under the bed.

Kitchen Storage

4. Wall Storage

Most smaller kitchens don't have more than one or two drawers which definitely doesn’t provide sufficient space for all your pans, pots, graters and so on. A way out of this is to install hooks (even plastic ones will do the job) on the walls and hang your kitchen appliances on them.

5. Shelves

Again, the shelves can come in handy. Try putting them above eye level in order to save even more space.

Bathroom Storage

6. Racks

Bathrooms are known to store plenty of objects – from hairdryers and hairbrushes to sponges and various other toiletries. And since not all bathrooms possess the required amount of space to store them all, you can simply put a rack in one of the bathroom's corners. Or, rather, try fitting it within a hand's reach from both the sink and the shower. Except for the electrical appliances, of course, keep them away from water!

Putting a small space in order is neither impossible nor expensive. As long as you are well prepared and know how to do it all. Yes, you can buy professional-looking organizational tools, or even hire an expert to install them for you, but you can save a lot of money by doing it all yourself and by using stuff you already have. Plus, it will not cost you too much and is bound to make your living space more comfortable.

Grace Bailey is a desperate housewife and a passionate writer. She enjoys writing about Home Organizing and Cleaning. Learn more house organizing and storage tips.

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