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10 October, 2012

Guest Post: Winter is Coming; That Means it’s Gardening Season

For the northern half of the U.S., fall weather is upon us and winter is right around the corner. This time of year signifies an end to most fresh locally grown or home grown produce. You are faced with the choice of buying fruit and vegetables shipped from hundreds to thousands of miles away or rely on canned, dried or frozen produce. For proud owners of Eden Grow Rooms, this is a choice that never needs to be made.

Eden Grow Rooms are well-insulated rooms that offer you complete control of the growing environment. Whether there’s a severe drought or a foot of snow on the ground, Eden Grow Rooms will allow you to grow organic produce year-round for your family or for retail sale. Eden’s Grow Rooms are airtight to keep out bugs, pests, disease and outdoor pollutants from harming your plants. They can be used to grow everything from fresh greens, berries, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, flowers and almost any plant you can imagine. It’s even possible to automate your box for automatic watering and lighting cycles that cater to the needs of your plants. Authorized Eden dealers can equip your room with growing lights, ventilation, shelving, watering systems, trays and everything else you’ll need to grow the crops of your choice. 

Eden Grow Rooms feature 4” panels with moisture-resistant insulation between two sheets of 26 gauge galvanized steel. These panels are modular so your grow room can be assembled almost anywhere inside or outside and can be expanded in the future if you need more growing space. Units come in three standard sizes (6' X 8' X 7'6"), (9' X 8' X 7'6") and (13' X 8' X 7'6") but can also be custom built to your specifications. Eden Grow Rooms are a great investment for anyone who wants to provide fresh, healthy food to their family, even in the dead of winter.

Luke David Westberg is the Web Manager for Eden Grow Rooms, a division of Craig Industries. Craig Industries has been a manufacturer of quality insulated buildings since 1986. Visit our “Learn” page to discover the benefits and advantages of Eden Grow Rooms.

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