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25 October, 2012

Letter RE: "REVIEW: The Walking Dead (AMC Network TV Series): Season 3 - Episode 1 "Seed" (Season 3 Premiere)"

With regard to the above mentioned post from earlier today, I received a comment from a reader that I wanted to expound upon in my answer, rather than do it in the comments section of that post.

Reader Harold R. stated:

"How about some insight instead of just recapping the entire show. You aren't reviewing anything fromt the Doomer / Prepper / Survivalist community you are basically just replaying the episode in your own words. Give me some info I've seen the same show you have..."

My Response: Harold, thank you or writing!  As to the post(s) in question, perhaps recaps/discussion would have been a better category for these posts than reviews, which is why I add the caveat paragraph at the beginning of each.  As for insight from the episode, perhaps you missed:

1.) The lengthy paragraph-long discussion RE: the homemade, jerry-rigged suppressors that Rick and Carl are using (which is being expounded upon in its own post tomorrow);

2.) The stuff about the dog food being a perfectly-edible source of protein that they should have eaten;

3.) My pointing out that the Rick character is improving as a leader and why;

4.) My briefly touching on Carl being an easier kid to handle when he feels as though he's being treated as a grown-up (this possibly being important for those of us with mid-range aged children to remember);

5.) My briefly pointing-out the ingenuity of the characters using the arrows done in spray-paint on the walls, so as to be able to find their way back in the virtual maze of identical corridors;

Granted, the rest of the article is basically just a recap of the story, but here's the issue: If I post only the stuff above with none of the accompanying story, then none of it will make sense to anyone who (unlike you and I) haven't already seen the episode.  Also, there is the fact that some episodes are lighter than others with respect to content that's important for us to discuss here, but recaps are still needed, so that those who aren't watching the episodes won't be completely lost.

If there was any other aspects of this episode that you (or any reader) feels should have been discussed further from the perspective of the Doomer / Prepper / Survivalist movement and that I somehow overlooked, please feel free to point it out in the comments section below.  There's no reason why the comments can't act as a forum for group discussion.

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