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16 October, 2012

Newsflash: It Isn't All About Racism

Let's be clear about something: what you see im this picture is shameful.  Racism has no place in today's America, especially advertised so blatantly and offensively.  When I saw this pic on Facebook recently, however, it was captioned by saying "And *THIS* is why Romney is so close in polls... and it sickens me," which I consider to be both simplistic and untrue.

Don't get me wrong; I get angry seeing this too.  Then again, I also think it was shameful for those parts of the black community who typically don't vote to come out of the woodwork to elect Obama in 2008 only because he *IS* black.  Actor Samuel L. Jackson plainly said in an interview that he and others he knew had voted for Obama, not because of his politics, but "because he looks like us" or something similar.  On Election Day, people were interviewed saying crazy stuff about Obama paying all their bills for them, and CNN ran a human interest story about an old black lady who was voting for the first time in her life because of Obama.

They had the nerve to act as though that was an inspirational story, when it was really a pathetic travesty.  She's had the right to vote her whole life.  I'll spot her up until into the late '60s/early '70s, because it was admittedly dangerous back then to vote in the South because of the Klan.  Since then, however, there have been 8 or 9 consecutive election cycles when she just couldn't be bothered to participate in our Republic.  She should've kept her old @$$ at home, out of the sheer embarrassment of being a terrible American for half of her life; and CNN should have been embarrassed for her, rather than lauding her.

Also, I wouldn't say that people like the guy in this pic are why Romney is so close in the polls; these type of people voted against him in '08 as well, and he still won in a landslide over a far more able candidate.  What's killing him this time is that the economy sucks.  That isn't, by any stretch of the imagination, completely Obama's fault.  He lost any chance of me ever voting for him, though, when he set-out to A.) ruin West Virginia's only real industry (coal) with no immediate way of replacing those jobs with anything paying anywhere nearly as well; and, B.) when his campaign tried to use job creation numbers that represent mostly $7/hour burger-flipping, Walmart cashier-type jobs and a falling unemployment rate that is only falling because they've made numerous "adjustments" to the way the "official" numbers are calculated (eliminating huge numbers of people who now aren't working, but aren't counted as unemployed either) as evidence of a better economy.  It's all smoke and mirrors, and Independents who really research such things are pissed at Obama and are leaning the other way this time.  Lots of people who voted for Obama in 2008 are voting for Romney because he understands how to run a business.  

The fact is the Republican base will always vote for their guy and the Democratic base will always vote with theirs, and what they don't seem to understand is that, by doing so, they make themselves completely insignificant.  Swing voters win elections, and that's why anybody who wants to really matter ought to do whatever they have to do to become one themselves.  Party ticket voting makes your vote irrelevant.

Personally, I'm sick of candidates who build their whole campaigns around duping low information voters into voting for them.  I doubt I'll be voting for Romney either, mostly because of some of the things he has lied about as well; but, Obama gets a complete pass from the mainstream media, because, instead of lying outright, he and his people obfuscate, misrepresent facts by not giving the full details and, literally, change the "official" stats so that their lies become the "official" truth.

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