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02 October, 2012

Ways To Live Off The Grid

Ways To Live Off The Grid | IdealHomeGarden.com: Think you can live off the grid? You may be surprised to learn just how much it takes to supply the food and energy your family needs every day. If you’re interested in saying goodbye to the grocery store and your electric bill, check out this guide to living off the land, and off the grid.

Even if you don’t have the spare 2,350 square feet of garden needed to feed a family of four, there are smaller steps you can take to supplementing your diet and energy. Just $50 of seeds can yield over $1200 worth of produce each year. If you can’t install solar panels, a well or geothermal climate control, energy efficient appliances and light bulbs can make a big difference in your monthly bills...


  1. If you have any money to invest that is. Now shoot for the no money no where crowd nd try again please. Or I will be fired to learn from our Amish folks.

  2. The Amish are a wonderful resource to emulate. As for the rest, one must understand that truly living "off the grid" requires one of two things: either 1.) Lots of $$$ to get yourself set up; or, 2.) A willingness to seriously down-size your lifestyle.

    Plenty of people are living off-grid is tiny cabins or travel trailers, getting all their power from one or two solar panels, rather than a $30,000 setup. The thing is that, in order to achieve that, they downsize to tiny television sets (if they own one at all) and sell their desktop computers in favor of smaller and more energy-efficient laptops. They heat exclusively with wood. The refrigerators are either tiny dorm-room models or they power them with propane.

    With everything there are trade-offs.


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