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21 November, 2012

Survival Doctor

Here's the link to another cool site I recently ran across that is chocked absolutely full of great information regarding survival medicine.  It's run by a real family doctor with over 30 years of experience, practicing in small and large towns and working emergency rooms and in clinics.

Folks, check this guy's site out, and, while you're at it, you might want to consider adding some of the following books to your survival library against the day when the internet might not be so easily accessed (if at all):

Physicians' Desk Reference 2011 (Physicians' Desk Reference (Bookstore Version))

Physicians' Desk Reference 2013 (Physicians' Desk Reference (Pdr))

When There Is No Doctor: Preventive and Emergency Healthcare in Challenging Times (Process Self-reliance Series)

Where There Is No Doctor

Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook for Africa

Where Women Have No Doctor: A Health Guide for Women

Where There Is No Midwife: Birth and Loss in Rural India (Fertility, Reproduction & Sexuality) (Fertility, Reproduction, and Sexuality)

Where There Is No Dentist

The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook: Keep your loved ones healthy in every disaster, from wildfires to a complete societal collapse

The Survival Doctor's Guide to Wounds: What to Do When There Is No Doctor (The Survival Doctor's Guides)

The Survival Doctor's Guide to Burns: What to Do When There Is No Doctor

Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies

Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid, 5e (Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to First Aid &)

Do-It-Yourself Medicine: How to Find and Use the Most Effective Antibiotics, Painkillers, Anesthetics and Other Miracle Drugs... Without Costly Doctors' Prescriptions or Hospitals

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