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15 December, 2012

Guest Post: Four Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Little Campers

Pearce Corbin is a regular in local flea markets and vintage furniture shops, always on the look-out for that perfect end table. When he’s not bargain-hunting, he is an interior design student and writes freelance for MyProjectorLamps.Com

As the holidays approach a lot of parents find themselves in a bind as to what to give their kids. With the assortment and gadgets and high-tech toys it’s easy to fall trap to these go-to items and swipe way without minding at all the other options we may be overlooking. There was a time when kids actually go outside of the house to play and the even more adventurous ones camp! Are you parents to little campers? If yes, then these gift ideas are the perfect ones you can place under the tree.


There was a time when the stars in the sky and a compass were the essential tools of navigation for any traveler. Eventually the knowledge of the stars was replaced with a paper map, which had to be protected from the elements and cared for so that it would not tear or have pieces go missing from it. These days, technology has advanced to the point where a GPS is not only practical but preferable. All smart phones come equipped with one and even if the children embarking on a camping adventure don’t have smart phones, GPS units are small enough to conveniently fit in a pocket or knapsack without adding a significant amount of weight. A GPS can make all the difference in the world in the event that your children get lost. In fact, a GPS will ensure that they don’t get lost at all. DSC_0025

All-purpose Knife

No camper should be without an all-purpose knife. Knifes take the place of forks and can be used for all sorts of tasks, up to and including first-aid. Some may question the wisdom of sending children camping with a sharp knife but the reality is that if the children in question cannot be trusted to handle a knife responsibly then they are most likely not ready to be camping on their own.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are an often overlooked necessity when camping. We would all like to think that water can be easily requited from streams and lakes but unfortunately, nature can play dirty tricks sometimes. Clean water is not a commodity, it is a necessity. Unless your children have been drinking from the water sources they will encounter camping for some time already, there is no guarantee that the bacteria in that water will not negatively affect them or make them sick.

There is nothing that beats a good flashlight when on a camping trip. Lanterns and campfires are all well and good but a flashlight is a piece of equipment that shouldn’t be overlooked. It isn’t just a matter of convenience but a tool designed for safety. Your children will use it to find their way in the dark and keep from getting hurt on things they cannot see.

They say even just a little bit can go a long way. Why not add these items to your little survivor’s holiday gifts and watch their eyes gleam with joy come Christmas time.

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