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15 December, 2012

The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy

Disclaimer: If you're a long-time reader of Backwoods Survival Blog, you may already be aware that I am *NOT* a believer in all of the 2012 Apocalypse nonsense.  With that date looming, however, I thought it would be fun to talk about some apocalyptic theories and prophecies that I find interesting.  I hope you enjoy.


One of my favorite apocalyptic prophecies is that which surrounds the Hopi Blue Star.  People are all over the idea that the Mayans predicted the end of the world, even while people who are experts on that culture as well as their descendents (some of whom still observe some of the Mayan religious rights) have been telling us all along that such ideas were false.  And, all the while, another indigenous American culture has been openly talking about an apocalypse, while only a small percentage of us have been listening.

The Hopi people of the Three Mesas region of what is now the state of Arizona have a culture steeped in prophecy.  They believe that the world has been destroyed and reborn three times already -- once in fire, once in ice, and the last time in a great flood -- and that we are nearing the end of the Fourth World, which will be destroyed with great shaking.

Some believe that the ancient Hopi elders left a clue as to what may transpire in the carvings on Prophecy Rock, a large boulder upon which someone long ago etched a scene that some believe speaks to a need to live in balance with the Earth to avoid catastrophe.  Basically, the rock shows two parallel lines: one depicts a Hopi man harvesting corn (he is close to Mother Earth) and it goes on indefinitely, while the other shows a crowd of people who are symbolically portrayed as being above the first line, but their path squiggles off into nothingness and soon ends.  You can see a picture of Prophesy Rock here.  Believers in this interpretation argue that the upper line represents our current culture of chaos, violence, greed, and excessive materialism, and that it's ending signifies that this way of living leads inevitably to the ending of the Fourth World in a Great Purification.

Essentially, what they are saying is that mankind decides its own fate.  If we live our lives in such a way that is in disharmony with our world, then the Creator will push the Universal Reboot button and make us start over and try again.  And, as I said above, they believe that we're currently on our fourth try and we're still mucking it up.  We've strayed from the True Path and, as a result, the world is out of balance; that is their explanation for the strange earth changes that seem to be occurring.

Perhaps the most interesting (and terrifying) thing about the Hopi prophecies is that some of them have already come true.  Long before Europeans traveled to the New World, the Hopis foretold the coming of white-skinned men who would strike down their enemies with thunder (muskets); snakes of iron (the Transcontinental Railroad) and rivers of stone (the Highway system) that would criss-cross the land; and a giant spider-web that would cover all (technology i.e. telegraph wires, followed by telephone and power lines, and now the internet).  Further, they prophesied that, near the end of the Fourth World, the seas would turn black and many of the creatures of the sea would die.  I don't know about you, but that puts me in mind of events like the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and the Deepwater Horizon BP disaster in 2010 that killed 11 people and who knows how much wildlife and which is still continuing to seep oil nearly three years later.

Supposedly, when the blue star appears in the heavens, it is to act as the harbinger that the end of the Fourth World is imminent.  Also, the Great Purification is to begin with three great shakings of the Earth, which some have interpreted to refer to three World Wars.  Others choose to take it to mean, literally, a series of great earthquakes.  Interestingly, this idea of immense apocalyptic earthquakes intersects with the Christian Book of Revelations in the opening of the Sixth Seal as well as ancient Aztec beliefs about the end times.  Many believe the New Madrid fault may come into play (see here and here).  So, that makes three different cultures, all pointing to catastrophic earthquakes as part of their end times prophecies, and who can doubt that it does seem as though earthquake activity and severity is increasing?  Could these be signs that the Fourth World is drawing to a close?

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  1. The Hopi described a series of signs that foretell the coming of the Blue Star Kachina. You can read about it here.



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