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19 December, 2012

Violent Rampage of Detroit Union Mobs Foreshadows What's Coming for All of America as States Go Bankrupt

Violent rampage of Detroit union mobs foreshadows what's coming for all of America as states go bankrupt: Violence erupted [recently] in Detroit as a mob of union workers destroyed a tent, injuring two people inside. Union mob members then assaulted Fox News journalist Steven Crowder who was calmly asking questions about their protest, while a voice caught on camera screamed, "I've got a gun! "I've killed plenty of m### f###ers with a gun!"...

... The article you're reading right now, however, is not about "Right-to-Work" laws, nor unions, nor even Detroit. It's about the startling realization that this violence is only the beginning of what's going to happen across America as one state after another goes bankrupt and is forced to slash pay for unionized government workers such as teachers and cops.

It's about the sense of desperation we see today where people are panicked that "there's not enough to go around." Financial scarcity has turned to fear... and fear to violence. But if this is what happens after a contract dispute on worker pay, imagine the chaos that's going to unfold when "the Big Money Lie" emerges...

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