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31 May, 2012

A Medieval Take on the Survivalist Philosophy: Fortifications

First off, I should inform you that I'm fairly obsessed with medieval European culture and history and I have been for years -- to the point where I've made myself into a bit of an expert on the subject.  Other than a handful that were standard sci-fi fare and one that's closer to horror, nearly every idea I've ever had for a short-story, novel, etc. has been set against a medieval backdrop because of this semi-obsession of mine.  So, it should come as no great surprise that my views on survivalism have evolved along these same lines.  It was originally my intention for this article to serve as an introduction to what will eventually be a whole series, touching on ideas that could then be expounded upon later.  In the course of writing it, however, it began to become very long, so I decided instead to just go ahead and concentrate on one aspect; namely, fortifications.  Needless to say, there will be other articles to cover further aspects later.

Secondly, before you read any further, understand that the philosophy for which I'll be laying the groundwork throughout this series will be best geared toward the less-likely but always possible TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) "New Dark Age"-type scenarios often discussed.  In short, we won't be going prepper-lite, discussing the finer points of storing enough canned-goods and candles to get you through a bad storm, layoff from your job, or other temporary situation.  In these articles, we'll be going full-on Mad Max, complete with roving gangs of raping and pillaging Mutant Zombie Bikers (MZBs).  So, you know, prepare yourself.  Sometimes it helps to adjust your mind-set before delving in to a thought experiment such as this one.

Without further ado...


Many in the survivalist/prepper community favor a philosophy of gaining safety by staying out of sight.  In fact, this is probably what a lot of people will be stuck with even if they don't particularly like it, because of economic reasons.  A cabin in the woods will keep you safe (and leading a woefully isolated existence, I might add) as long as you stay hidden; but if some enterprising troupe of hooligans stumbles across your happy little hidey-hole, you're likely in for a bad day.

I've been telling friends of mine forever that, if I ever hit the lottery or somehow otherwise get filthy rich, I'll be building a castle for my home.  A real one.  Towers, high walls, moat and drawbridge -- the whole works.  Call me eccentric, I guess.  I meant it too, but, alas the riches have thus far avoided me, so it's a plain ol' boring retreat homestead for me too.  However, in light of the very real concern that any discovery of our isolated hideaways might cause us all to catch an incurable case of dead-meat-itis (and because few of us are wealthy enough to build our own castles), my take is that:

 1.) Building with masonry trumps wood for stopping bullets and resisting fire damage.  This was true for medieval castles and it's true now.  What most people don't know is that most castles were originally wooden structures with the stone added later, either after the inhabitants got good and settled or after someone burned parts of it to the flippin' ground and they wisened-up.  Castles eventually became militarily-obsolete because of artillery, but, if you're fending-off looters or the Crips or the Hell's Angels, I doubt they'll have a tank to throw at you (and, if they do, you're screwed anyway!)

So, in short, do whatever you can to adopt a castle-mentality.  Sandbags full of dirt will also be useful for such purposes, though, less so than masonry.  Basically, your goal should be to present a hardened target, resulting in your attackers deciding that killing and robbing you will take too much time and result in too many of them getting dead as well and consequently moving on to other riper fruit, as the creepy saying goes.

 2.) The higher the position the better -- if not your domecile/property, at the very least, a look-out station.  The army calls this an LP/OP (Listening Post/Observation Post) and there's a reason it's a tactic that has been utilized militarily for thousands of years.  I already have spots picked-out for three of them around my property that, if manned, would provide commanding views of every major lane of approach.  I suggest you do the same.

 3.) If attacked by a large force, *DO NOT* waste resources by trying to defend every square-foot of your property, but, rather concentrate on defending a small central hub (likely, you're actual home).  In a castle this was called the keep, and it usually contained the lord's private residence; cisterns for water storage; granaries and food storage; stockpiled weapons (an armory); and space enough to hold a large number of people in times of distress.  Smaller equals easier to successfully defend.  If they burn your barn and whatever crops are in the ground, you can rebuild and replant after the trouble has passed.  There is a long proud tradition built around people getting their arses behind a thick wall and waiting for the bad guys to go away.

I'll add to that by saying, with respect to livestock, select breeding pairs should be picked-out ahead of time, so that they too can be saved with short-notice to rebuild flocks, herds, etc.  It may sound crazy to you to have chickens and goats indoors, but it's precisely what people did for thousands of years.  Entire herds, aside from breeding pairs were slaughtered every October to avoid having to try to keep them alive over the Winter; modern-day Halloween coincides with the pagan festival of Samhain that was also called Blood Harvest, just as there were festivals to mark the first and second harvests of the growing season.  It was called Blood Harvest, because of all the slaughtering, in case that wasn't obvious enough.  The breeding pairs that were spared often spent the Winter right alongside the family.  People even brought their milk cows inside during the harsh Winters.  Of course, they had dirt floors -- I would not advise bringing a cow into your living room with today's construction. ;)

 4.) Food/water supplies must be protected, at all costs.  This is a truth that gets beat to death on survivalist sites, but human beings can only survive about three days without water.  If you have thousands of gallons of water storage, kudos to you; if it's in above-ground tanks a hundred feet from your house, consider yourself as having exactly zero gallons.  Ditto with a well.  If you're holed-up inside your "castle" safe and sound, but under siege for any significant amount of time, what the H3ll good does that do you if you have no water to drink or cook with?  Even if your attackers leave, what's to keep them from destroying your tanks/well equipment or fouling your supply as a final F U before leaving?  Food is a topic I won't beat to death, because it's self-explanatory: follow basic survivalist/prepper guidelines with regard to storage food.  But, the moral here is that it needs to be stored close where it can be better protected.

 5.) Every serious survivalist should watch "The Outlaw Josey Wales" for tips on how a small force can outlast a larger one from a well-defended fixed position in a fire-fight.  If you haven't seen it, do; but, in the meantime, just know that what I'm referring to specifically is where the characters fend-off an attack from within a Texas ranch house that was previously fortified to withstand Indian raids.

I think that covers just about everything from the standpoint of proper fortifications.  Undoubtedly, I'll think of something else I wanted to add after I post this, but it's already a long article, so it'll have to suffice.  As always, thoughts/critiques/concerns, etc. are welcomed in the Comments section below.

Some reading (pertinent to this subject) that you might enjoy:

"Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse" by James Wesley Rawles
"Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse" by James Wesley Rawles
"The Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts, And Walled Cities Of The Middle Ages" by J.E. Kaufmann & H.W. Kaufmann
"Survival Retreats: A Practical Guide to Creating a Sustainable, Defendable Refuge" by David Black
"Life in a Medieval Castle" by Joseph Gies
"The Survival Retreat: A Total Plan For Retreat Defense" by Ragnar Benson

30 May, 2012

Why Is It Necessary For The Federal Government To Turn The United States Into A Prison Camp?

Why Is It Necessary For The Federal Government To Turn The United States Into A Prison Camp?: There has been no society in the history of the world that has ever been 100% safe. No matter how much money the federal government spends on "homeland security", the truth is that bad things will still happen. Our world is a very dangerous place and it is becoming increasingly unstable. The federal government could turn the entire country into one giant prison camp, but that would still not keep us safe. It is inevitable that bad stuff will happen in life. But we have a choice. We can choose to live in fear or we can choose to live as free men and women. Our forefathers intended to establish a nation where liberty and freedom would be maximized. But today we are told that we have to give up our liberties and our freedoms and our privacy for increased security. But is such a trade really worth it? Just think of the various totalitarian societies that we have seen down throughout history. Have any of them ever really thrived? Have their people been happy? Unfortunately, the U.S. federal government has decided that the entire country needs to be put on lock down. Nearly everything that we do today is watched and tracked, and personal privacy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Many of the things that George Orwell wrote about in 1984 are becoming a reality, and that is a very frightening thing. The United States is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sadly, we are rapidly becoming the exact opposite of that...

28 May, 2012

In Memoriam and Salute

Thank you to all those who served or are serving.  Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  If fate had dealt me a different hand, I would be right there beside you.

25 May, 2012

One Nation Under Debt With Endless Debt Slavery For All

One Nation Under Debt With Endless Debt Slavery For All: Debt is a "soft" form of slavery. In America today, it is not legal to bind people up with chains and force them to work for you, but that doesn't mean that there are not millions upon millions of slaves in this country. When you borrow money, you willingly become a servant to the lender. Sadly, there are millions of Americans that will spend the rest of their lives working to pay off their debts but they will never escape the endless debt slavery that they have gotten themselves into. When you add up all forms of debt in the United States at this point, it comes to more than 54 trillion dollars. That is more than $178,000 for every man, woman and child in America. We truly are one nation under debt, and we have created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet. Unfortunately, all debt bubbles eventually burst, and when this one bursts the consequences are going to be unlike anything ever seen before.

When most Americans think of the "U.S. debt problem", they tend to only think of the U.S. national debt. Well, that certainly is horrifying, but it is only a small part of the overall problem...

The UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy

The UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy: Did you know that the UN has a plan for running the world and it is right out in the open? It is called "sustainable development", but it is far more comprehensive than it sounds. The truth is that the UN plan for running the world would dramatically alter nearly all forms of human activity. A 204 page report on "sustainable development" entitled "Working Towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy, A United Nations System-Wide Perspective" has been published in advance of the upcoming Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro... It envisions a vast system of global carbon taxes, massive global safety nets and the implementation of a one world green economy. Many of those that are pushing "sustainable development" on a global level believe that they are doing it for the good of the planet. In fact, the 204 page report mentioned above even says that the transition "to a green economy requires a fundamental shift in the way we think and act" but that it will be worth it in the end. What people need to understand is that throughout modern history tyranny has almost always been initially introduced by people that believed that they had "good intentions". No matter how much friendly language the UN uses in their reports, the truth is that what they are promoting is an insidious agenda of absolute tyranny on a global scale...

24 May, 2012

The Ring Of Fire Is Roaring To Life And There Will Be Earthquakes Of Historic Importance On The West Coast Of The United States

The Ring Of Fire Is Roaring To Life And There Will Be Earthquakes Of Historic Importance On The West Coast Of The United States: Does it seem to you like there has been an unusual amount of seismic activity around the world lately? Well, it isn't just your imagination. The Ring of Fire is roaring to life and that is really bad news for the west coast of the United States. Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire. Considering the fact that the entire west coast of the United States lies along the Ring of Fire, we should be very concerned that the Ring of Fire is becoming more active.[Recently] , the most powerful strike-slip earthquake ever recorded happened along the Ring of Fire. If that earthquake had happened in a major U.S. city along the west coast, the city would have been entirely destroyed. Scientists tell us that there is nearly a 100% certainty that the "Big One" will hit California at some point. In recent years we have seen Japan, Chile, Indonesia and New Zealand all get hit by historic earthquakes. It is inevitable that there will be earthquakes of historic importance on the west coast of the United States as well. So far we have been very fortunate, but that good fortune will not last indefinitely...

10 Disgusting Examples Of Very Young School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed And Brutalized By Police

10 Disgusting Examples Of Very Young School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed And Brutalized By Police: When did we decide that it was okay to treat very young school children as if they were terror suspects? When I was growing up, I don't remember a single time that the police ever came to my school and arrested anyone. But now police are being called out to public schools at the drop of a hat. All over America, very young school children are being arrested and marched out of their schools in handcuffs in front of all their friends. For example, down in Georgia [recently] police were called out because a 6-year-old girl was throwing a tantrum. The police subdued her, slapped handcuffs on her and hauled her off to the police station. Instead of apologizing for this outrageous incident, the police are defending the actions of the officer involved. But this is not an isolated incident. All over the country young kids are being handcuffed and mistreated by police. The following are 10 more disgusting examples of very young school children being arrested, handcuffed and brutalized by police all over America...

  [List at Link Above]

23 May, 2012

America Will Soon Be A Nation With A Very Tiny Elite And The Rest Of Us Will Be Poor

45 Signs That America Will Soon Be A Nation With A Very Tiny Elite And The Rest Of Us Will Be Poor: The middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence in the United States today. America is a nation with a very tiny elite that is rapidly becoming increasingly wealthy while everyone else is becoming poorer. So why is this happening? Well, it is actually very simple. Our institutions are designed to concentrate wealth in the hands of a very limited number of people. Throughout human history, almost all societies that have had a big centralized government have also had a very high concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite. Throughout human history, almost all societies that have allowed big business or big corporations to dominate the economy have also had a very high concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite. Well, the United States has allowed both big government and big corporations to grow wildly out of control. Those were huge mistakes. Our founding fathers attempted to establish a nation where the federal government would be greatly limited and where corporations would be greatly restricted. Unfortunately, we have turned our backs on those principles and now we are paying the price...

Tornadoes Becoming More Frequent And More Powerful

Why Is The Heartland Of America Being Ripped To Shreds By Gigantic Tornadoes That Are Becoming More Frequent And More Powerful?: What in the world is going on in the heartland of America? Spring has barely even begun and we are seeing communities all over America being ripped to shreds by gigantic tornadoes. A lot of meteorologists claimed that the nightmarish tornado season of 2011 was an "anomaly", but 2012 is shaping up to be just as bad or even worse. These tornado outbreaks just seem to keep getting more frequent and more powerful... So why is this happening? Why is the heartland of America being ripped to shreds by gigantic tornadoes that are becoming more frequent and more powerful?...

22 May, 2012

Read This First Before You Decide That Preppers Are Crazy

Read This First Before You Decide That Preppers Are Crazy: Do you believe that preppers are a few cards short of a full deck? Do you assume that anyone that is "preparing for doomsday" does not have their elevator going all the way to the top floor? Well, you might want to read this first before you make a final decision that all preppers are crazy. The information that you are about to read shook me up a bit when I first looked it over. To be honest, I had no idea how incredibly vulnerable our economic system is to a transportation disruption. I am continually getting emails and comments on my websites asking "how to prepare" for what is coming, so when I came across this information I knew that I had to share it with all of you. Hopefully what you are about to read will motivate you to prepare like never before, and hopefully you will share this information with others...

21 May, 2012

A Fabulous Whole Wheat Bread Recipe From Our Friends At The Paratus Familia Blog

Paratus Familia Blog: Whole Wheat Bread That Will Have You Coming Back For More!: "Homemade bread can be a little tricky. Particularly wheat. Often times, although tasty, the bread can be crumbly and course, making it difficult at best to make a decent sandwich. My goal in bread making is to produce a wonderfully tasting, moist loaf with a fine crumb. I have made more than my fair share of bread with the texture of sand paper, but not this recipe. This is the one. This is the bread that turns out every time. It is great all-around homemade bread. It is incredible fresh from the oven, fabulous toasted and simply perfect cooled and sliced for sandwiches. You can use the wheat/white flour ratio in the recipe or all whole wheat - either way, you won't be disappointed..."

The Top 50 Excuses For Not Prepping

The Top 50 Excuses For Not Prepping: With the way that things are heading in this country, it is not surprising that there are approximately 3 million preppers in the United States today. What is surprising is that there are not more people prepping. The economy is rapidly falling to pieces, the national debt is absolutely soaring, the earth is becoming increasingly unstable, a major war could erupt in the Middle East at any time and the fabric of our society is coming apart right in front of our eyes. We have become incredibly dependent on technology and we have become incredibly dependent on our economic system. If a major natural disaster, a killer pandemic, an EMP attack or the imposition of martial law caused a significant transportation disruption, America would literally change overnight. We live during a time of tremendous global instability, and yet most people still see no need to start prepping at all. Most people just continue to have blind faith in our leaders and in our system. But what happens if our leaders fail us? What happens if our system collapses? What are they going to do then?...