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08 January, 2013

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control

The really sad thing is that the vast majority of the things Alex says here are correct (excepting his 9/11 conspiracy stuff and a few facts drawn from an article he was quoting), yet he may still have unfortunately done our cause more damage than good during this exchange.  The fact is that Alex is a bit of a fringe Tinfoil Hatter, and, so hearing that he had been invited to debate Piers worried me right off the bat. I think he may have been brought on the show only to play the part of the generic fringe crazy guy against Piers' more polished, politically-correct stance.

Piers has been reeling a bit after the way Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America showed him up on the facts, while simultaneously getting him so riled that he finally showed himself for what he really is -- degenerating into name-calling when he realized he'd been soundly trounced in the debate.  By the way, for those who don't know, Piers is not a real journalist, and the fact that CNN even hired him just shows how far that network has fallen.

He's a tabloid guy who was deeply involved in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal that took place over there as well as being fired as Editor of the Daily Mirror for publishing a fake photo of British soldiers abusing Iraqis.  He's a joke and CNN is a joke for hiring him after a tabloid newspaper fired him.  Can you imagine the BBC ever hiring the deposed former Editor of the Enquirer as an anchor?  It would never happen.

The job of a real journalist is to act as a sounding board, presenting facts as well as *BOTH* sides of an argument; Piers Morgan is more akin to a yellow journalist, openly advocating a position, while inflating facts that support and obfuscating facts that refute his views.  His show is really just a celebrity interview show cloaked in a false veneer of journalistic integrity; basically, not at all unlike what you would have gotten had Jerry Springer been hired as the host of Bill Moyers Journal on PBS.  We really shouldn't even take him seriously... but we have no choice but to do so, because lots of folks actually think he's a real news man.

In the end, I fear that the Sheeple may well look at this and use it to strengthen their belief in what the Collectivists are preaching, as a result of mistaking Alex's passion for instability and because he has reported on a lot of things that smack of conspiracy theories (never mind that a a portion of that has turned-out to be true as well).  It's perception that matters.  We have the facts firmly on our side in this debate, but as long as they are appealing to people's feelings, rather than their sense of logic, then there's a chance we might lose.

Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is, folks.  Just sayin'.

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