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02 January, 2013

Burglar Sues Calif. Homeowner, 90, Who Returned Fire

Burglar sues Calif. homeowner, 90, who returned fire - Crimesider - CBS News: A Northern California homeowner who police say survived being shot in the jaw during a burglary is now getting a "punch in the gut": The burglary suspect is suing him for returning fire.

The Marin Independent Journal reported the suspect alleges that Jay Leone, who is 90-years-old, negligently shot the intruder.

According to CBS San Francisco, suspect Samuel Cutrufelli is charged with two counts of attempted murder after Leone was shot in the face on Jan. 3. Police said Cutrufelli was wounded when Leone returned fire.

Leone has vowed to countersue. In an exclusive January interview at his bedside at Marin General Hospital, Leone told CBS San Francisco he had to outwit the burglar who held him captive at gunpoint...

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