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05 January, 2013

Free Skills Library for Preppers

The folks over at LighthouseSurvival.com have put together a rather impressive library of books that are all in the public domain / the copyrights for which have long ago expired for use as an "aftermath" library of skills that will be needed by Preppers post-crash.  These titles are freely available, however they're scattered across history libraries and other sources all over the world and can be time consuming for individuals to track down on their own.

They detail skills and knowledge that have largely been lost over the last few generations but represent just the kind of knowledge that will be needed to survive, rebuild, and prosper in the aftermath of an EMP event or other catastrophic disaster, whether natural or man-made.

There are a few places online that sell collections like this on CDs, but that can represent a barrier to some people, and the feeling was that this information should be shared with everyone without restraint.  This Free Survival Library is an on-going project; the number of books that are suitable for inclusion is huge, and the surface has, as yet, barely been scratched.

Check it out!

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