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14 January, 2013

How to Use Parts of a Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools [Infographic]

How to Use Parts Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools InfographicView more technology infographics from AnsonAlex.com


  1. 1. Fire Starting
    The practice of shorting out the cell phone battery to heat and melt a piece of wire MAY work if the wire is small enough and the battery in the phone had a sufficient charge and the two points on the battery were known as + and -. If the wire size is too large you’ll merely heat up the battery and kill it. I’d start with a small filament wire. Finding “wire” in a cell phone however is not the correct terminology as there are no conventional “wires” in a cell phone. You are talking about extracting a surface mount run from the circuit board. Good luck with that.
    4. Compass
    I really doubt that a speaker magnet from a cell phone speaker would have enough magnetism to magnetize a wire to move a leaf in a puddle. The magnet in a cell phone does not have enough magnetism.
    5. Catching Food (Process 1)
    Rather than relying on a flimsy circuit board tied to a stick a would just sharpen the stick.

  2. Heh, interesting. I'm not sure how effective all of these would be, but A+ for thinking outside of the box.

    At the end of the day that's more valuable, anyway ;)


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