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10 January, 2013

RE: "National Flu Outbreak Widens"

In response to last night's post "National Flu Outbreak Widens," I just received an interesting rumor/news leak from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  It reads as follows:

"Simple man, got news tip from sister-in-law’s pediatric doctor:

He confided that plans have been drawn up to close all of the Massachusetts schools earlier in the February (perhaps late January ?) than during the normal February break in hopes to slow the outbreak of influenza.

The present strain is racing through school systems and is now accompanied by a several cold strain. Doctors are reporting high numbers of patients coming in with the flu and flu related ailments.

The present info of the state wide school action is presently still kept quiet but may be announced soon.

Does anyone have any other confirmatory or supportive info or documents?

Does anyone also see this or has heard of this occurring in other states?

Please share.

Please do not use my name-"

So, folks, has anyone else heard anything similar. Feel free to email me at backwoodssurvivalblog@gmail.com with any such news / rumors / tidbits of info.

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