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11 January, 2013

*YOUR* Opinions Should Not Be Allowed to Affect *My* Rights

Okay folks, let's clear something up.  I'm getting emails with respect to the gun control debate that say, basically, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.  And I agree with that, I really do.  But, here's the thing: opinions should be based on logic and facts, not emotions; and, when you're being shamelessly lied to in order to push a political agenda that would have no hope of passing if more people knew the truth, that ought to make you angry, rather than complacent.

Why support the agenda of people who spend half their lives trying to manipulate you, simply because they're banking on the fact that you won't research it for yourself?  Watch this video -- that isn't some Right-wing politico, talking out of his @$$; that's a guy showing you real crime statistics from the FBI and the British equivalent, proving that everything I've been saying here on Backwoods Survival Blog (and on Facebook and Twitter) about the Left misrepresenting the threat of mass-shooters is absolutely correct.

So, yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinions; but, when you try to make your opinions into law, they cease being opinions and they become tyrannical dictates that hinder my Constitutional Rights.  Why is it the Left spent 8 years protesting Bush's policies and the Patriot Act that curtailed freedoms in return for a false veneer of safety, yet they're perfectly okay with taking away people's Constitutional Rights now over events that (while horrifically tragic) have been proven to be extreme statistical-outliers?

Hypocrisy, that's why.  Pure and simple.

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