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11 March, 2013

REVIEW: The Walking Dead: Season 3 - Episode 13 "Arrow On The Doorpost"

A number of plot points will inevitably be revealed in the course of these writings.  My intent is to review this program from the perspective of the Doomer / Prepper / Survivalist community, but, to do that effectively, some things have to be explained in greater detail than I might normally prefer in a review.  As a result, spoilers will follow.  You have been warned.  In truth, you might more accurately describe these posts as in-depth discussions of certain aspects of each episode with an emphasis on how the character's actions might be applicable in a real-life societal collapse.  I hope you enjoy.

This week, we were treated to another episode wherein the focus was narrowed-down to concentrate on a specific event and the individuals involved in it.  Last week, it was the return to Rick's hometown, where he encountered a familiar face and saw a disturbing mirror-image of just what might eventually become of him, unless he finds his footing soon; this week, the setting revolved around a face-to-face peace negotiation between Rick and his counterpart the Governor that was arranged by Andrea in an effort to keep the two groups of survivors to which she has ties from going to war and needlessly costing more lives.  Meanwhile, those at the prison (under Glenn's command -- Daryl and Hershel are backing-up Rick) are preparing for the attack that will, no doubt, come if the negotiations should fail.

By narrowing the focus these past two weeks, the show has made good use of the extra episodes this season to present more character development.  The acting in these episodes has been -- in a word -- superb.  Watching the two leaders go at each other with words over shared whiskey and across a dusty wooden table, hastily erected inside an abandoned grain silo/feedstore that serves as the setting for the peace summit, and while their backups try to one-up each other outside (and then stumble headlong into an unexpected sort of warrior's camaraderie) was some amazing Doomer Television.

Meanwhile, Merle is stirring the pot back at the prison (as always), but this time it's because he can't stand the idea of his little brother being out in the field, in harm's way, while he sits safely on the sidelines; and because he knows the Governor too well to trust in any peaceful solutions being reached.  At the same time, Andrea is seeing more and more of just what kind of man the Governor is and that she won't be able to stay with him, ultimately, yet she doesn't want to be put in a position where she will be forced to kill any of the people she knows in Woodbury on the battlefield.

She is not the only one who is faced with a difficult decision, however, as Rick is also presented with terms that bring with them the promise of peace... but, at what cost?  Scary times call for hard choices, and that is a fact we had all better remember in the times ahead of us.

Three episodes remain and I still stand, tentatively, behind my earlier prediction that Andrea will ultimately be the one to kill the Governor in the Season Finale.

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