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18 March, 2013

REVIEW: The Walking Dead: Season 3 - Episode 14 "Prey"

A number of plot points will inevitably be revealed in the course of these writings.  My intent is to review this program from the perspective of the Doomer / Prepper / Survivalist community, but, to do that effectively, some things have to be explained in greater detail than I might normally prefer in a review.  As a result, spoilers will follow.  You have been warned.  In truth, you might more accurately describe these posts as in-depth discussions of certain aspects of each episode with an emphasis on how the character's actions might be applicable in a real-life societal collapse.  I hope you enjoy.

Without a doubt, things are heading toward a climactic conclusion in the weeks to come.  This week, we witness yet more of the Governor's de-evolution into madness, as he prepares what he calls his workshop -- and what those of us who are still sane would refer to as a torture chamber -- against the rapidly-approaching day when he intends to slaughter Rick's group.  One can only assume that it's Michonne he intends to take his time with, as she is the one who took his eye and put down the Walker that had once been his daughter Penny.

Even Milton can recognize his growing madness.  He still feels loyalty toward him for the things he did before he became the Governor we now see; and he also doesn't see a better option for a leader waiting in the wings to take over, should the Governor fall.  He warns Andrea, however, begging her to carry the alarm to those at the prison and talk them into escaping.  For her part, she'd rather just kill him, but Milton rightly points out that all that would result in is her being gunned-down as well and the leadership of Woodbury being passed-down by others who would still insist on wiping Rick's group out.  And, so, Andrea finally escapes Woodbury, but not before also planting a seed of doubt in the minds of Tyreese and his sister that the Governor is not what he seems -- a truth they discover for themselves very soon.

I can't really say much else without giving away serious spoilers that would ruin things for any who haven't seen the episode, but suffice it to say that the entire episode centers on Woodbury.  We don't really see the group at the prison at all.

As Preppers / Survivalists, the thing we should take from this episode is a sense of the dangers inherent in becoming involved with a group, the leadership of which we haven't fully vetted.  You never know when the charismatic leader you're tempted to follow might be a closet psychopath.

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