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10 May, 2013

Guest Post: Pest Control Advice for a Rural Homestead

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From spreading diseases to chewing through equipment, there are no two ways about it - rats are a pest. If you live on a rural homestead, an infestation of rats or mice can do some serious damage to your crops and livestock. As soon as you begin to notice signs of some furry co-residents, you should take action to prevent the problem from getting worse. Fortunately, there are several easy, affordable and environmentally friendly ways of removing rats and mice from the area. Here are some of the best.

Tidy up

Before anything else, your first reaction after noticing signs of a rodent infection should be to have a good, extensive tidy up. Rodents will seek shelter in enclosed, dark areas so make sure you clear up any old pallets or machinery. Throw away any rubbish, especially organic waste, to remove any potential food sources. Once the area has been cleared, cut back any overgrown vegetation and dispose of the waste.

Plug the holes

Secondly, locate any potential entrances around the homestead such as holes in walls and drainage pipes. Seal them by plugging them with fine steel wool. Extensively examine all obvious entrance points and block them with wood or fill in holes with cement. Expendable filler may seem attractive as a more affordable option, but rodents may eventually chew through it.

Attract natural predators

To help clear your infestation and also deter any future rats and mice, try and attract natural predators to your homestead. Cats can help keep rodents away, and rats and mice make a tasty snack for owls. Setting up a nesting box for them to nest and roost in will attract them to your property and provide a clean and natural method of pest control. Nestboxes can be picked up from wildlife centres at an affordable price, and will be much cheaper and better for the environment than pesticides.

Traps and repellents

When dealing with livestock and organic crops, pesticides and harmful traps may not be the most desirable method of pest control. Try exploring other preventative methods of pest control such as ultrasonic repellents, which emit a high-frequency sound that repels rodents. Various live traps are available as well, which contain the rodent safely until you can find a suitable place to release it.

Whatever you do, keep it up

Solving a rodent problem is not simply a case of step one, step two, step three. Prevention is always the best form of solution, as it is always easier to discourage pests in the first place rather than getting rid of them. When going about your day-to-day duties keep up regular maintenance of your homestead. Clear up any food spillage immediately. Keep seed, grain, and pet food of all types in covered, sealed containers.

By paying close attention to the way you dispose of rubbish and keeping regular maintenance of your property, you will find rats and mice much less likely to invade. On the occasion you do find an infestation, then quick, clean and environmentally friendly action is guaranteed to get your homestead up and running again.

Written by Marion C. European Ecommerce Content Specialist at Victor Pest.
Victor®, the global leader in rodent control, offers a variety of innovative rat control solutions such as electronic rat traps, ultrasonic rat repellents and rodenticides to help you with all your rodent control needs. Victor® has all the information you need to get rid of the rat in your home.


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