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03 March, 2014

30,000 Year-Old Virus Awakened From Siberian Permafrost

You should understand, prior to reading this, that I'm a big fan of science. I was never all that good at it in school (I'd be a Doctor right now, but I'm afraid I'd end up killing somebody), but I always enjoyed it. 

That being said, sometimes scientists are stupid. Not dimwit-standing-for-ten-minutes-pushing-a-pull-door stupid, but, rather, more a kind of oh-boy-that-was-a-bad-idea-but-now-it's-too-late-to-fix-it stupid. And, unfortunately, that's the particular brand of stupid that could end up being the end of the flippin' human race one day. 

It also just happens to be precisely the kind of stupid that came immediately to mind when I recently read about a bunch of scientists reviving a 30,000 year-old virus that was safely frozen in the permafrost in Siberia until someone decided they wanted to show off. Luckily, this particular virus is not a threat (it doesn't infect humans - until it mutates, that is), but what happens when one of these morons decides to flex his big brain to impress everybody and unthaws something truly noxious to which we have no acquired immunity?

Game over. That's what happens. Prepare accordingly.

1 comment:

  1. I dont know what gave them the idea that reviving a virus can help the human race. They should put more effort on finding a cure for existing viruses. tsk tsk..


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