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27 August, 2014

Product Review: Utilitech LED Lantern

Not a great deal to say about this product. How much can one really say about a lantern? The label lists it as producing up to 300 lumens of light, and one thing I can say about it: it's bright. In fact, the highest setting is almost too bright. I actually can only imagine a few very extreme situations in which you would need the high setting in an emergency... like intense reading or medical triage. It's seriously *THAT* bright. It hurt my eyes; I couldn't look right at it.

Runs on three D batteries. I purchased it at Lowe's Home Improvement yesterday for $16. Definitely worth the cash for your emergency preps, in my opinion. See additional pics below, and please excuse the mess. I just got my desk moved, and I'm still partially living out of boxes.

My very dark home office. Those strange, multi-colored lights you see aren't aliens; that's a hibernating computer and the power on my UPS backup system.
Same home office, illuminated on the Low setting. Please excuse the mess.
Again, same space but this time on High.

Don't You Believe It