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26 September, 2014

The True Face Of Government

The natural state of any bureaucracy is to continue to grow to perpetuate itself. This is a fact stated in pretty much every public administration class textbook at any college or university. Yet, people seem to forget that government is simply the largest of all bureaucracies, dependent on those who perpetually hold out their hands for charity to keep being needy in order to justify its continually bloating like a tick feeding.

Public assistance has its place, but it is a myth to believe that any government or representative of such will ever truly take steps to do anything but expand the bureaucracy for which they toil. It's, quite simply, the business they're in. Grow and hire new people who then depend on government for their livelihood, making it in their best interest to help it grow even further, so that it can then hire even more people to keep it expanding (often through outreach programs that, literally, look for new people to join the ranks of the perpetually needy - people who hadn't even asked for help) and so on and on and on and on forever.

Never contracting. Always expanding with the ultimate goal of making every citizen (and, apparently, non-citizen as well) either an agent of the bureaucracy or one of its many clients. An automaton or a slave.


  1. Same as it ever was.....

  2. I live in a small northern mi. county. In the 80's gov. Engler took off all single people who were not truly disabled . O!! what a cry went up by our tree hugger lib's and social workers, it would collapse the social structure.
    Well what did happen in my county, we lost 1% of our base pop.I was a policeman at the time and when this occurred I went out to ask the people I knew were welfare rats why. I was told by all I contacted that hell if they can't stay at moms cabin and hunt fish all week and party at night , then have to get a job, they might just as well go back to the city where the pay was better or the social workers did not know them. Why stay up in the woods if they had to work. When I spoke to the local social supervisor he was having a fit !!! all these people leaving his area would make him lose a worker, and if he lost # 3 he would not be a supervisor any longer as hiring was based on ##'s of people on welfare.
    Our country is screwed up, big time.


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