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28 March, 2015

If You Think the Authorities Are Going to Let Us Know When a Collapse Might Be Imminent, You're Sadly Deluding Yourself

In this day and age, knowing full well the level of incompetence as well as calculated maneuvering of which the government has proven themselves capable, I can't imagine how anyone could ever put aside the wisdom of being prepared in favor of a "wait and see" attitude. I actually know people who have told me that they aren't bothering with any kind of emergency preparedness efforts, because they think there will be time to buy extra food, medical supplies, etc. when the time comes. They cannot fathom the idea that our government either doesn't necessarily see it as their responsibility to look after each individual citizen and family or they have simply come to the understanding that doing so isn't possible. The United States government has entire sections of the FEMA website, etc. dedicated to instructions on how to be prepared and advising that every family should keep emergency supplies both in their homes and their cars. They are not only telling you how to take care of yourself – they are literally advising that you do so, saying in all but plain graphic language that, "If things get bad enough, you're on your own." Yet, people still won't see it.

It doesn't even matter if a person believes in the idea of a societal collapse ever occurring. Failure to adopt the proper mindset is the very reason supermarket shelves empty out every time the weather people on the news announce an oncoming storm. It's because people are reactive, rather than proactive, and allowing themselves that sort of complacency could put them in a very bad spot one day.

The video below, a clip from the Hollywood motion picture "Contagion," provides us with a very accurate example of how government officials are most likely to behave in a true emergency. Don't allow yourself the foolish mistake of depending on them.


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  1. Guy your article title is spot on and says a mouthful ... the gooberment is going to hide the SHTF as long as possible and then lie thru their smiles constantly ...

    If you aren't monitoring every scrap of news out there for an early warning - you aren't prepping correctly .... no matter what your prepper plan entails - bug in or bug out - you want to be wayyyyy out front of that sheeple wave - not on the crest and God help you if you are riding somewhere behind ....



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