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15 March, 2015

REVIEW: The Walking Dead (AMC Network TV Series): Season 5 - Episode 14 "Spend"

A number of plot points will inevitably be revealed in the course of these writings.  My intent is to review this program from the perspective of the Doomer / Prepper / Survivalist community, but, to do that effectively, some things have to be explained in greater detail than I might normally prefer in a review.  As a result, spoilers will follow.  You have been warned.  In truth, you might more accurately describe these posts as in-depth discussions of certain aspects of each episode with an emphasis on how the character's actions might be applicable in a real-life societal collapse.  I hope you enjoy.

With respect to lessons that those of us who identify as Preppers / Survivalists can take away from tonight's episode, there are several. The first one to stand out in my mind (resulting from a conversation that takes place early in the episode) is the idea that a system of apprenticeship will need to be implemented in order to pass down important skills in a world where society no longer exists on a large scale. This ties in directly to the concept that I have always favored, which I often refer to as Medieval Survivalism.

In medieval times, it was standard practice for a skilled laborer, such as a Master Mason or Master Blacksmith to take on even up to several apprentices. These positions were highly sought after and often even sold at great expense to wealthy merchants who wanted their child to have an industry upon which to build a life. The apprentices worked for their Master, receiving room and board but no pay (it was actually pretty normal for them to sleep in the shop, meaning they also acted as free security against theft). And, in return for this arrangement going on for several years, the apprentice would learn a skill that would provide a source of income for he and his family throughout his life.

In a world where a societal collapse has occurred, such as the one portrayed in this Doomer Fiction television program, this concept will again be important to re-institute. With formal modes of learning, such as college, etc., a thing of the past, there will need to be a formal arrangement adopted under which important skills can both be passed onto future generations as well as shared. Can you imagine having a community with only one doctor and then having that person die? Where would that leave you? Better that your doctor accept any nurses, EMTs, etc. that might already be members of your group and begin passing their skills on to ensure the health of the community. Such a concept would be applicable to any vocation deemed as a skilled labor position. I would even argue that, considering the importance of it in such a world, even farming and other large-scale gardening would represent a skill worthy of having an experienced person take on a couple of apprentices and begin to teach.

Another lesson this episode brings to the forefront is the idea that not everyone in your survival group or family is going to be what I would call a "runner and gunner." Don't get me wrong, I'm of the mind that everyone should be required to learn the basic skills necessary to defend themselves and others on at least a rudimentary scale. I can't imagine living in a TEOTWAWKI societal collapse world and not having every single person within your community practicing with firearms on a regular basis. However, there will undoubtedly be individuals in any group upon whom it would be unwise for you to depend in a typical soldier role. The trick will be to utilize whatever skills these individuals do possess, allowing them to contribute to the community you are building.

And, lastly, one can expect domestic issues, which are already a problem in today's world, to become even more pronounced in a situation without the rule of law and order to keep things in check. As you can probably guess from watching the episode, what I'm referring to in this instance are issues of domestic violence. The sad truth is that there are people right now who can't keep their hands to themselves when they are angry, and this problem would only increase exponentially without the fear of going to jail. Be prepared to deal with such issues in whatever way you see fit, but I would advise a strong reaction in order to set an example that such behavior will not be tolerated. YMMV.

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