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01 November, 2015

REVIEW: The Walking Dead: Season 6 - Episode 4 "Here's Not Here"

A number of plot points will inevitably be revealed in the course of these writings.  My intent is to review this program from the perspective of the Doomer / Prepper / Survivalist community, but, to do that effectively, some things have to be explained in greater detail than I might normally prefer in a review.  As a result, spoilers will follow.  You have been warned.  In truth, you might more accurately describe these posts as in-depth discussions of certain aspects of each episode with an emphasis on how the character's actions might be applicable in a real-life societal collapse.  I hope you enjoy.

Ever wonder if there's anything to be learned from survival Doomer fiction like The Walking Dead? I think so. Here's what I mean...
The themes being explored through the content of this episode begin initially with the fragility of the human mind and spirit. All of us in our little subculture are making a concerted effort to prepare ourselves for the possibility (or inevitability?) of harsher times, up to and including events that could result in an all-out societal collapse. The truth, however, is that some folks simply aren't going to be able to handle it. 

Put aside for a moment the fact that a worryingly high percentage of the population can't even handle things now. The number of people who can only make it through everyday life, even in the current comparatively easier times, without the support of psychotropic pharmaceuticals and other interventions from the modern mental health system is truly mind-boggling. Remove that support and make life even more difficult, up to and including the need to actually work for survival every day, and all bets really are off. 

The remaining part of the message this episode works toward getting across, however, is that sometimes even such broken people can come back. I won't necessarily speak to whether or not I personally think that's possible, other than to say I think it would be rare and would depend on the individual case. It is something to consider, though.  

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