Togel Zodiac

Togel togel is popular in Asia and often uses Chinese zodiacs as the formula to calculate winning result, with easy method

How to Play Togel Using Chinese Zodiacs

As one of the most popular games in Asia, togel often uses Asian culture to help players guessing the winning result. Chinese zodiac symbols or ‘shio’ are popular aspects to determine winning, especially in a game that specifically uses these symbols as device to determine the winner. The basic principle is using 2D mode game, a togel playing style that relies on guessing two numbers right out of all four winning numbers.

Counting Togel Result using 2D Chinese Zodiac
In a game that uses Chinese zodiac as the winning calculation formula, the goal is to guess the last two numbers, and whether or not the numbers match the zodiac symbol. This is because each zodiac symbol such as Horse, Rooster, Bull, Snake, Dragon etc has special associated numbers, depend on the year (2014 is the year of the Horse). If the last numbers present in the zodiac symbol you pick, you win.

For example, let’s say that the winning numbers are 1279. In this year’s Chinese zodiac list prediction, number 79 is associated with the 7th symbol, the Mouse. If you pick this, you win. Since you only need to guess the last two numbers instead of all, this is easier than if the game format was in 3D or 4D. However, this also means that your winning may be small, albeit with smaller risk.

Why This Game Popular?
Judi togel hongkong is a popular Asian betting game, so any cultural aspect is very important for many players especially who have close relation with Chinese zodiac in everyday life. Counting the winning numbers from Chinese zodiac is not only fun, but also giving satisfactory feeling, knowing that they can win some cash from a game with close relation to daily life. If you want to play this kind of game, do not forget to check the most current list of Chinese zodiac numbers.